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Super-8 Filmmaking still going strong in the Digital Age.

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Super-8 Filmmaking has experienced a resurgence. Super-8 film enthusiasts can purchase Super-8 Cameras from around the World via eBay and eBay Super-8 camera stores. After the Super-8 film has been shot, processed and transfered to digital video it can be edited. Non-Linear Editing Systems (aka NLE, Digital, or Computer Editing) are providing exciting new methods for Editing Super-8 Film.

Super-8mm film is pre-loaded into it's own light proof cartridge by the manufacturer. The filmmaker simply pops the super-8 film cartridge into the super-8 camera without ever needing a changing bag and is ready to begin filming. Super-8 film stocks come in many varieties including Kodak Color Reversal, Black & White Reversal, & Kodak Vision Negative Film Stocks. One can then choose from a full complement of Super-8 film stocks from The Kodak Super-8 Film Stock Website & 800 Toll Free Phone Number. Or check out Kodak's Super-8 Main Page, and Kodak's Main 16mm and Super-8 Motion picture page. Spectra Film and Video custom loads both Fuji Velvia 50D and Ektachrome 100D into their own film cartridges. These two low ASA Super-8 film stocks have made the loss of Kodachrome 40 basically a moot point. Spectra Film and Video is open until 8pm, Monday through Friday, and Saturdays until 5pm. Spectra does not add any weekend markup to their raw film stock prices. Kodak also loads their own Ektachrome 64T.

Many Super-8 Cameras have an incredible array of filming options not found on 16mm and 35mm motion picture cameras. These options include Slow-Motion, Undercranking, Single-Frame, Time-Exposure, Time-Lapse, Multiple Intervalometer and Time-Lapse settings. Several Super-8 Camera Options found on higher end Super-8 cameras may not be as easy to create with a digital video camera. Super-8 filming options result in "In Camera Effects" that truly are unique. The best of the Film World and the Digital Editing Universe can be achieved by using Super-8 Cameras, Super-8 Film, and then Editing Digitally once the film has been shot, processed and transferred to digital video. Film Origination, Digital Destination!!!

Fortunately, no matter what filming effect you choose, round or square pixels are never an issue when you shoot on film because YOU DECIDE how you want to transfer your film to video. You can even change your mind and re-transfer your film a year later to new and improved video formats if you feel like it. None of the reasoning above is designed to deter you from embracing digital video technology, it's just to remind you that film acquistion represents an interesting alternative. Being equally capable of using either digital or film may give one an edge over those who never learned about film at all. On a creative level, there are boundless choices one can make once they begin to learn how many filming options exist when shooting with a Super-8 camera.

Super-8mm Fuji Velvia Images
Super-8 is the Launching Pad to All Other Video and Film Formats.

Super-8 is the Launching Pad for anyone interested in working in either digital video or motion picture film. Super-8mm is a welcome and viable option in this day and age of digital video, 16mm & 35mm motion picture film because of the portability, flexibility, and ease of use that is so common among many Super-8mm cameras. Super-8 Cameras are so useful that even if you have a shoot coming up where Super-8 won't be used, Super-8 cameras still make excellent "director's scopes" that can assist a cinematographer in demonstrating the type of framing they will want for a specific shot. Because the viewfinder is optically created, one can see the image as it actually is.

Digital Film Schools are springing up all over the world, yet many of these schools are not offering "film" class options. Perhaps these Digital "Film" Schools were wrong in prematurely claiming film was dead back in the year 2000. The advent of low cost Computer Editing Systems makes shooting with film far more sensible than one would have imagined just a few years ago. If a Digital "Film" school doesn't offer at LEAST one film class comprised of shooting film and editing digitally, DON'T ENROLL AND GIVE THEM YOUR MONEY! Digital "Film" Schools that don't offer at least one true film class in my opinion are not helping their students learn how to learn. Shooting some of your class projects with Digital Video Cameras is to be expected in this day and age. However, if you LIKEWISE pick up a Super-8 Film Camera and learn how to make a Few Super-8 Films you most likely will be further advanced than the "Digital Artist" who has never picked up and shot with a Film Camera.

We live in a three dimensional world, should all of our creativity only be created on keyboards? Shouldn't you decide when an artistic tool that you like using is obsoleted, rather than letting the computer software play takeaway every time they "upgrade" their systems? When film stocks are replaced usually the new film stock offers more contrast range and increased sensitivity, yet the previous look can still be emulated when necessary.

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